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Imam Abdallah Ibn Alawi Al-Haddad

""'Abdallah ibn 'Alawi al-Haddad (born in 1634 CE) was a Yemeni Islamic scholar. He lived his entire life in the town of Tarim in Yemen's Valley of Hadhramawt and died there in 1720 CE (1132 Hijri). He was an adherent to the Ash'ari Sunni Creed of Faith (Aqidah), while in Islamic jurisprudence (Fiqh), he was a Sunni Muslim of Shafi'i school." Despite being a major source of reference among the Sunni Muslims (especially among Sufis), only recently have his books began to receive attention and publication in the English-speaking world. Their appeal lies in the concise way in which the essential pillars of Islamic belief, practice, and spirituality have been streamlined and explained efficiently enough for the modern reader. Examples of such works are The Book of Assistance, The Lives of Man, and Knowledge and Wisdom.""

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