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Dar AlFaqih an Online Bookshop Located in Cairo, Egypt with a focus on Islamic literature for acadmics.

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Dar Al-Faqih strives to serve the authentic moderate approach through the works and writings of men whose sciences and understandings have been traced back to back, generation after generation, with a continuous chain of transmission, taking it upon itself to spread the pure Islamic spirit free from the impurities of extremism, fanaticism, and one-mindedness, which is inherent in the characteristic of moderation and breadth in our true religion, and the mercy, compassion, and compassion that our Prophet brought. Generous.

Dar Al-Faqih was honored to print valuable works by major contemporary Muslim scholars in the East and West, including the scholar Sheikh Dr. Muhammad Saeed Ramadan Al-Bouti (may God have mercy on him), the scholar Sheikh Dr. Nuh Ali Salman Al-Qudah (may God have mercy on him), the scholar Sheikh Dr. Ali Jumah, and the scholar and beloved educator Omar bin Muhammad bin Salem bin Hafeez, the beloved preacher Ali Zain al-Abidin Al-Jifri, Sheikh Osama al-Azhari, Dr. Omar al-Farouq Abdullah Wayman, Sheikh Abdul Hakim Murad Winter, the preacher Youssef Islam, and Sheikh Hamza Youssef Hanson. This is in addition to a wide range of Islamic heritage books full of science, wisdom, education, and behavior.

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